June 16 – Blessings and BIG Party

Bucks Summit to Rattlesnake Spring ( mile 1295)
25 miles

Arrow graciously picked me up from the bus stop at the Reno Airport , made a
delicious dinner, and drove me to Bucks Summit trailhead. Many thanks Arrow!

I was a bit nervous about today. Hiking solo once more and making all the daily decisions sometimes is hard. I was also nervous about going into the town of Belden and hiking the 3500 feet drop into the town (35 switchbacks). Well I had a great gift. I hiked with Swami for a few hours. He is a Pcter from Australia that is completing 12 long distance hikes. He hikes about 40 miles a day and even had to take 6 days off in Ridgecrest because he was VERY ill from the Poodle Dog bush in Southern California and he is all the way up here. Just think i met the leader of the pack. You can follow him at The Hiking Life.

The country was gorgeous today and passed through Bucks Lake Wilderness and Lassen National Forest. I took the descent into Belden slow and it helped that it was in the shade. I had a shock when I arrived at the Feather River there were like a thousand tents with colorful people (young) and LOUD music. Belden is a town of 7 people so all I could do was smile. Apparently they have music festivals on the weekends. A nice lady found me and got me a cold drink and ice. The temp was 100 degrees with no wind! After that stimulating experience I climbed 2000 feet in the sort of cool of the evening. Today was fantastic. This trail never ceases to amaze me!











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  4. Hey Rockin!
    Just to give you an idea of just how awesome Swami is…Jungle Cookie and I started with him on May 6th and we stayed at Frodo and Scouts together. We are at Kennedy Meadows and he is already past Belden!! Glad to see you are back on the trail for good and having fun.

    • Totem,
      I am hoping the Sierras are treating you well! Yep Swami was of a different cut. He is 3 days ahead now. His one stride is 2 of mine. Happy hiking.

  5. The Beekeeper

    Good to see you are back on the trail and heading in my direction. I’ll be watching for you when you start heading north from Lassen & may even join you for a few miles. I’m in Redding, so if you find yourself in need of anything between Old Station and the Oregon border, please let me know. I start CA Section K on 6/20!

    • Beekeeper,
      I am at Burney now and am hoping the start of your hike is going well. Thank you for the very generous offer! I have your phone number. Thanks.

  6. Rockin’,

    Beautiful pictures. I am proud of, and praying for, you. Cast all you anxiety on Him for He cares for you. You are doing a wonderful job; twenty-five miles is moving. Go Rockin’ Go!

  7. Becky Lowe

    So Beautiful–So blessed to be following you as you hike. I will be praying for you on your journey. Thank you for letting us follow you!

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