Video – Life on the PCT 2012

Rockin’ Smelling the Poodle Dog Bush

Dedicated to any of you that think the PCT is all work. Just for fun.

Just uploaded the quality pics from the last few weekends on Flickr:


  1. This was great! It made me laugh. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So many classic quotes in that one! Hilarious! I just love that picture at the end too:)

  3. Loved your “just for fun”… “Silly” is a kick.
    Favorite lines: “next time I’ll just come up here in just my underwear” and “hiking’ with my friends”. Too funny.
    Love it!

    • I am a lucky mother to have hiked with my son. I am filled with fullness and love every time I think about it. Silly is way too clever and fun. He makes me laugh.

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