Totem and Jungle Cookie

While I was out playing in the back country last week, Dan was at home hosting PCTers Totem and Jungle Cookie (aka Jenna and Nate). A couple of months ago Jenna sent me the kindest and most encouraging email. Here are just a few sentences from her email that I think is motivational for everyone:

I especially love that no matter if  you have a summer, weekend, or even one day to hike, you are out there enjoying it and not taking it for granted.  You inspire me to remember why it is that I love hiking and the back country so much and I hope to never forget it while I am out there and to be as happy as you are that I can do what i do.  Thanks for the journal entertainment over the past two years.

Nate and Jenna have just graduated from University of Utah and are hiking the PCT while transitioning into graduate school. They are having a great time, are embracing the trail, and have even enjoyed the desert. They have a positive and informative trail journal. You can follow them online at Nate and Jenna – PCT 2012.

While at our home they were able to recharge, eat, repair gear, rest, run errands, and watch PCT videos. Dan really enjoyed their company. I am bummed that I wasn’t able to meet the couple while they were here. We wish Totem and Jungle Cookie safe travels and a great adventure.


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  1. steve scarano

    Is there a PO Box I can mail a couple of pages of inspirational quotes/reflections/scriptures related to wilderness/nature to you? If so, send it and your ETA there to my email address please. God bless you richly as you go.

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