June 9 – Hiking Hard and Having Fun

Saufleys in Agua Dulce to Red Carpet Water Cache (mile 486)
31.1 miles

After a very restful night in the Saufley’s mobile home, we decided to try to finish this section in 2 days instead of 3. Meaning we need to hike at least 29 miles a day. Ambitious… given the sun’s piercing heat and the required extra weight of carrying 4 liters of water. Starting early (4:30 am) we have found is the key to mentally handling the less than ideal conditions. Extra benefits: the lighting is gorgeous, sunrises are refreshing, wildlife abounds, and we can blaze through a lot of miles fast. ☺

Silly kept up hiking his pace and enjoyment of all things. He loves goals, benchmarks, and having a completion, a foreign language to me. I love when differences in individuals compliment and mesh. The burn area and Poodle Dog is now behind and is replaced with lush oak forest. This feels like my home environment. I could very well be hiking in my own backyard. I smiled a lot.

Water is scarce to non-existent in this area and again comes from the generosity of the Trail Angels that supply the water caches along the way. At the Oasis water cache we enjoyed lunch, shade, cool drinks, festive decorations, and the company of hikers, Legs, Treble, and Powerhouse. It was just the best.

Highlights of the day: hiking the last 4 miles downhill into Red Carpet water cache in the golden light of nightfall on a clean trail in lush forest. Oh and I can’t forget the very special gigantic Pack Rats that visited us during the night.









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