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This probably isn’t a big surprise, but I love to talk gear, maps, trail, nature, photography, and trips. Lucky for us that Anna and Chris “Shutterbug” PCT hikers, seemed to never tire of sharing ideas. Believe it or not Shutterbug is hiking with a FULL DSLR camera attached to his hip and a full arsenal of SD cards, portable storage, more back-up, solar charger, and camera charger. But the coolest of all is his Airstash that has the wireless capability to transfer photos from his camera to his iPhone. He then posts the quality photos onto his website all right from the trail without cell service. That is nothing short of a miracle. I want one.

Anna and Shutterbug are taking a bazillion photos on the trail in hopes of creating a PCT photo book. You can check them out from the sidebar menu at Anna and Chris or the website is called Mexico to Canada. In their last PCT journal entry they were even kind enough to feature us.

We had a great time eating, laughing, comparing tents and were lucky to be joined by Lisa and Border Patrol. On our last section hike we met these fun, fast, and organized hikers and we were glad to see them again.

Silly Chili, Rockin', Border Patrol, Lisa, Shutterbug, Dan, and Anna

Chili Chili, Shutterbug, Anna, Lisa, and Border Patrol

Hwy 58 PCT Trail Head

Happy TrailsWith the school year finishing (work), my kids home from college, small section hiking the PCT on weekends, and getting ready for this summer’s hike I have been spinning. Silly Chili and I are starting tomorrow to hike a 5 day, 108 mile section from Three Points (north of Wrightwood) to Nine Points (south of highway 138). These are the last miles in Southern California I have left to experience, all completed part time since April 1. Starting next week I hope to be continuously on the trail for the next couple of months in hopes of completing the whole trail this summer. At least that is the big idea.

If any of you are interested in tracking me on a map, just click on Track from the menu bar at the top. When I have cell service I will update along the way.

Thank you for following along,


  1. Barbara Tieskoetter

    Anticipating doing the trail this summer with you–vicariously virtual, of course! 🙂 Best wishes and happy hiking.

  2. Snakebait

    Hey Rockin’

    Have a stupendously great time. We’re really looking forward to reading about your adventures.

    We have our fingers and toes crossed that you will be fleet of foot, enjoy fab weather, and encounter neither bears or skunks. Yeuuckkkk!

    Warm regards

    Ulrike and Noel

    • Ulrike and Noel,
      Ahhhhh you guys I just love hearing from you. You make me smile. I especially will remember the skunk wish. Now that would be BAD. Notice I didn’t even mention the bears. Not going there. Thanks for the well wishes. Should be an interesting summer. Hope you guys are doing well and getting out in your part of the world.

  3. I can’t wait to vicariously follow you this summer. I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing your great photos. Have fun!

    • You rock Janet. It is always great to hear good things, especially when things aren’t so perfect. Like when I am dead dog tired, dirty, and hungry. I will remember.

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