May 28 – Wilderness and Road Walk

Above Islip Saddle to Three Points (mile 403.5)
15.5 miles

With a name like Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness, how could the terrain and views be any different from simply beauteous? I now know why there is a big detour around the home of the Yellow Mountain Frog (besides being on the endangered list). I would want to be protected and live here too.

Los Angeles National Forest has been a pleasant surprise for us. The forest is very close to a large metropolis, but has the feel of wilderness if the hiker ignores the very loud speedy motorcycles on Hwy 2. They are many peaks to climb in this area. I want to come back. This was a stellar day with cool temps, great company, and we even ended again with pie and coffee at Joe Mudd’s in Wrightwood.

Short section hiking the southern section of the PCT has been interesting and fun, but a lot of driving and shuttling cars. I am looking forward to being on the trail continuously this summer starting next Thursday.









  1. Wonderful photos again: sunrays shining on the walkers with their shadows in the frame, feet crossing the creek, and the odd assortment of shoes at the mile marker…all great. You give me good ideas. 😉

    • Thanks to Silly Chili, we used some fun photo editing iPhone apps on the iPhone pics for this blog entry. Fun, but takes time… a lot. Don’t know if I will have the patience while on the trail very often. Thank you for noticing.

  2. Teresa Skye

    I’d love to know your hiking plan this summer. If the timing is right, and I can help/ hike with you in WA, that would be awesome!

    • Hey Skyward,
      I sent you my schedule on Craig’s PCT Planner last week via Evernote. I am so hoping something will work. I am really excited. I will be on the trail continuously next Friday for all summer. We will have to see how I hold up. 🙂

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