How Neat is That?

Sometimes something is so ridiculous and funny that you just have to share it. Silly Chili shared this video with me some time ago and many of the quotes from “Neature Walk” have migrated into our daily trail banter. A few of our favorites:
“You can tell that it’s an aspen cuz the way it is.”
“How neat is that? That’s pretty neat!”
“Shake things up a bit, get the earth moving.”
“I think your pretty neat, but I respect your distance.”

This Memorial Day weekend Silly Chili, Poser, Dan, and I will be heading in again to hike a short section of the PCT starting from Wrightwood (Inspiration Point) where we left off last weekend to Three Points. We will be climbing Mount Baden Powell, passing through a large burn area, taking a detour that includes a road walk to go around an area where the Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog is nearly extinct, and dancing around the poisonous Poodle-dog bush once again. This short section stays high in the mountains.

Happy weekend all. Thanks for following along.


  1. Made me smile. What a neat guy to be around!

  2. now that’s neat, isn’t it? Yep, it sure is.

    Ha, got a laugh outta that guy. Sucked me right in to watching all six videos. I am a little more light hearted for sure!

    Thanks Rockin’. “Neat stuff”, no pun intended!

    • Warren,
      I was so hoping someone would watch all episodes. I have watched them many times and get a really good laugh every time!!!! Priceless.

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