May 19 – Surprises!!!

Silverwood Lake to Mile 352 above Lone Pine Canyon
22.7 miles

Well this is a new PCT experience for me. I should start with a little of my PCT walking history. Most of my PCT hiking has been solo and not in sync with the main group of hikers called the pack that start at the end of April from the ADZPCTKO. I have either been way behind or way ahead = lots of days of seeing no one and camping alone. Not so on this little leg. Just about an hour ago Dan and I found a great spot to camp on the fire road at the beginning of the Poodle-dog detour. Guess what? In 1 1/2 hours literally 20 tents have surrounded us…CLOSE like within a foot and this is a big space we are at. Apparently Dan and I know how to pick a spot!? 🙂 My favorite: a man cowboy camping right next to Dan’s side of the tent! The pic at the bottom was taken before many came in after dark and I lost light to take another shot. Very unusual but a fun experience.

We were lucky to hit this area at it’s peak blooming time and the trail was well designed (getting to where it should go quickly). The trail dropped to the freeway where the hiker must tank up on water at the local McDonald’s. After it is a 22 mile climb without water.  It was interesting passing under the freeway and train tracks, the Mormon Rocks, and we even had an unexpected water cache complete with chairs and soda. Today we were expecting torture, but ended up loving every minute.

















  1. Snakebait

    Hey Rockin’,

    That’s a veritable traffic jam of tents around you.

    We’re glad to see that you have experienced the pack at least once. Enjoy it. With your solo and later season forays this year, you might equally enjoy the peace of a ‘pack’less journey.

    Keep up the fun and energy.

    Ulrike and Noel

    P.s. No trail name for Dan yet?

    • Ulrike and Noel,
      We are so working on that trail name. Nothing sticks. It is a problem. Hey an idea. I should made a list of all the trail names Dan has tried out and have readers pick. Now that is scary!

      Yep that pack IS an experience. I didn’t even mention that 99% of them were my children’s age, but of course I try not to think of that!!!!!


  2. Loved the photos, especially the first one. The hills look so green.

  3. Keep going kiddo! Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a comfortable (as possible), safe, and wonderful journey. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    • Will do. Today I was getting a bit discouraged and overwhelmed just thinking about the list I have to do to finish getting everything ready for this summer’s hike. I am going to try to finish 1200 miles of the PCT in 2 months. Your comment really helped. Thank you.

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