Happy Anniversary

I am blessed.

One thing that I have learned while hiking this Pacific Crest Trail is no one does it alone. Trail Angels supply vital water cashes along the way. Generous strangers gladly give transportation to resupply towns. Most hikers have key friends or relatives who are there viciously in times of discouragement, pain, and celebration. They send resupply packages, order new equipment, and take care of the hiker’s personal business while they are on the trail. Communication from home and those resupply boxes are key ingredients to the hiker’s well-being and success.

My person is my husband.

This weekend on our wedding anniversary we will be hiking an overnight 40 mile section of the PCT from Silverwood Lake to Hwy 2 cut-off to Wrightwood. The goal is to help me complete some miles through Poodle-dog bush now before it flowers and becomes poisonous. The route this section follows lands the hiker on I 15, a major freeway by a very popular McDonalds, then ascends through miles of waterless, hot, burn area complete with a few miles of Poodle-dog bush. Nice. Not only that, it starts at Silverwood Lake where Dan got sick from bad water summer before last. Who does that? The PCT hiker of course.

Thank you Dan for being my person, hiking gladly along, caring for me, being that #1 rock solid support, sending those packages, embracing my passions, listening to hours of gear and trail talk, and most of all for loving me.

Happy Anniversary,


  1. Barbara Tieskoetter

    Anniversary best wishes to an very extraordinary couple!

  2. Awww! Yes, Dan you are such a great husband! I think you really would walk to the end of the Earth for Rockin’!

  3. Happy Anniversary! And this is a long overdue note to say how much I enjoy your blog! Carol

  4. Teresa Skye

    Lucky lady! But I think more than luck is involved- lots of sharing and love and communication. Happy Day!

  5. Wow, how cool is that? Go Rockin’ (and hubby)!

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both. Have fun!!!!

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