A Great Start

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “wow, what a ride!!!”
(from Coyote, PCT hiker)

The Pacific Crest Trail passes 11 miles outside our town of  Tehachapi. Hikers visit, resupply, and leave here entering north into the Southern Sierras. The first hikers are just now beginning to pass through. So exciting…our first trail magic of the season.

The past few days we had fun getting to know hikers Andy, Oops, and Heart. They were able to resupply, stay at our home, shower, catch up on email, and of course eat. Andy has traveled the world and hiked the Appalachian Trail. It was so fun listening to his stories complete with a very fine Australian accent. Oops amazingly enough is carrying a full size tripod and DSLR camera taking lots of photos along the way. Heart is a nurse from Houston, Texas that is hiking for Heart Health. You can visit and follow her along the trail at PCT 2012-Hiking for Heart Health. Wired, 2011 PCT hiker and friend introduced me to Heart’s blog some time ago. Heart and I Facetimed Wired while she was here. So fun feeling like we were all together. This trail is MAGIC.

Rockin', Dan, Andy, Oops, and Heart
Oops, Andy, and Heart at Hwy 58
Rockin' and Heart
Oops and Heart heading out

AndyIt is always amazing to us how blessed we are to be just a little part of a hiker’s 2600 mile journey. Wishing these hikers save travel, adventure, and fun.


  1. Great blog!!!! Thanks for using “my” quote! Words to live by! Great to hear Andy is doing well. I leave in two weeks, getting back on at big bear where I missed a bit, then jumping to Agua Dulce to head north! Waahoooo!!!!

  2. Yes indeed, a great start! So wonderful to talk with you and Heart. I just love this little PCT world!

    • I am so excited Peru will be here tonight. She is helping Halfmile with GPS coordinates and we of course will be happy to assist. I am hoping to learn some cool stuff!

      • That is cool! Can I also comment on how nifty your comment section looks on your blog. Nicely done…I just got a call from Speedbump Sr (who named me last year and had to pull out). He was at the Saufleys, so keep an eye out for a guy in a neon yellow shirt and hilarious wit!

    • Thank you for sending her our way!

  3. steve scarano

    Coyote’s life quote is a good one. The origin of it seems to be attributed to Hunter S. Thompson, or Erma Bombeck, or Mark Frost. No need to fight over it: just enjoy it’s challenge!
    Hamburger Helper

    • Hello Hamburger Helper!
      You are so right it is a great quote to remember and live. It is so conflicting. I guess that is why it is listed as Anonymous or Unknown. Thank you for commenting.

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