The PCT you must see!

Class of 2011 PCT Movie Trailer

2011 PCT hiker Jack aka Tequila Kid created an amazing video project compiling photos and videos from over 80 hikers. The video is fun, creative, exciting, professional, informative and has uplifting music. I cannot even imagine the huge amount of time and energy this valuable project required. All this for free in giving back to the PCT. To download and view the complete 76 minute video go here or here.

Also, Tequila Kid (Jack) and Boo Boo (Barb) last summer had a very witty and informative trail journal.  Jack and Barb stayed at our home while passing through Tehachapi last spring. It even snowed while they were here!

Fun Fact: Check out Silly Chili in the trailer struggling to cross an extremely swift and cold stream last June in the Sierras at 5:10 to 5:11.


  1. Thanks for the video links, Rockin’! We showed the video to our family too, and they were really into it. We can’t wait to experience the rest of the trail. Hope to see you a bit further down the trail!

    • Hello Anna and Chris!
      I have been following along with you via your trail journal blog. Glad you are well, having fun, and adjusting to walking and more walking. Just contact us when you are close to Tehachapi and we would love to help out. Hiker Town is 2 days away and has good cell service.

      We are back on the trail this weekend hiking from Silverwood Lake to Wrightwood. I think we might just be within a couple days of each other. Maybe see you both on the trail.

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