April 22 – A Hat, a Patch of Shade, and Gatorade

No Pain
No Gain
Nothing will work unless you do.
~May Angelou

I 10 to Campsite along Mission Creek (mile 232)
22 miles

Currently, I am enjoying a beautiful sunset with Mission Creek’s cool water lulling me to sleep. However, not so most of the day. My clothes are stiff and stained from sweat and on top of that I am sporting a red rash in spots that my clothes cover. Most likely a heat rash. Not pretty at all. It was HOT. My saving grace: my wide brimmed hat, bits of shade under bushes, and fruit punch Gatorade. I am thankful.

The trail in this section has a gentle upward grade, but is not maintained in a lot of areas making it difficult to find the trail in sections. The desert wildflowers for the first few miles were gorgeous. The water sources I think are a bit disgusting. I decided to double zap with my Steripen and add Aquamira.

I visited with Robo Cop and Happy Pants for awhile at the Whitewater River. They are retired cops that are thru-hiking the whole PCT. You can find them on Trail Journals under Three Little Pigs (they lost one of the pigs).

It was very different hiking solo today. Calming and less hurried. My favorite moment was when I just flopped my body into Mission Creek after hiking 16 scorching miles. I am testing more gear on this trip and am excited about a couple key items in my pack. Namely my new Stowaway Fisher Space Pen and part of a Rite in the Rain notebook. More upcoming later.

I want to take a moment to thank you readers for following along. I love hearing your comments, thoughts, questions, and ideas, but mostly for just sharing yourselves.

Plan for Tomorrow: Get an alpine start with my bright, new headlamp.













  1. Barbara Tieskoetter

    Your optimism and spunk prevails over all! “Rockin'” just plain rocks!

    • Barbara, I will so remember this when I am tired, scared, hungry, and ready to throw my pack in the middle of the trail and call it quits. Yes, I have been known to feel this way. It is comments like yours that help me to get up and keep going. Thanks you again.

  2. Georgette Theotig

    Christy, I know how you dislike the heat, so I am impressed that you made it through this hot spell! I was happy to see two photos that reminded me of my childhood – Mt. San Jacinto, and the Whitewater River, both prominent features near Banning where I grew up. San Jacinto was the mountain of my dreams. Best wishes as you hike in all kinds of weather, water, and trail conditions!
    Your friend,

    • The views were stunning today and the recent snow made it even more special. Heat, not so good. Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and appreciation for the little things that make all the difference AND especially for your work with the Sierra Club to preserve them.

  3. Yellowstone

    So what is tomorrow’s hike? Is it the climb out of Mission Creek? If so, I’m remembering cold snow all day for Skyeward and me… at least we did not have to watch out for rattlesnakes as the book says. Lots of crossings–hopping and fording. Have a great day hiking out! If you get hot, just remember me, almost in hypothermia!! That’ll cool you off! Good luck!

    • EXTREME, that is what I would call the whole Southern California section. One minute one dramatic thing and then the next another: wind, snow, rain, sleet, freeze, heat, burn areas, and water shortage. Crazy. I do remember your trials in this area.

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