Connect the Dots

Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.

This weekend I will be hiking a 45 mile section of the PCT from Interstate 10 near Cabazon in Southern California to Onyx Summit just south of Big Bear Lake. It is literally all uphill, starting at 1000 feet and ending at 8750 winding up into the San Bernardino Mountain Range. The weather forecast is hot with the predicted highs in the 90’s. Pretty funny because just last weekend a very strong storm system came through this area dumping snow and rain. Hikers were even advised for a few days to find shelter and stay put. What a contrast!!

I have to admit it kind of feels like I am in grade school coloring in a connect the dots worksheet when completing these Southern California PCT trail miles. I am encouraged and committed. One step at a time.


  1. Yellowstone

    Hi Rockin’: It’s been a while: I’ve been hiking some for work and some weekends: Last weekend did a 14 miler in Yellowstone National Park with friends: sunny and cool, perfect hiking weather! this past week, have done some shorter 3-5 mile hikes in the Park. Tomorrow plan to climb Bunsen Peak, will probably posthole a bit. Have you gotten a p-style yet? Best piece of girl gear ever!

    • Yes I bought one right after I saw yours a couple years ago. I used it successfully for awhile, but stupidly got in a hurry a couple of times and missed the placement. Well I was embarrassed and had no extra water to rinse everything out. I have been afraid ever since. Stupid I know. HOWEVER, if I were going on a mountaineering trip that I was roped together with a group I would SO use it. I love hearing what you are doing and where you are going. Thanks Yellowstone!

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