April 5 – Laughter

Canada Verde Creek to Mike Herrera’s Home (mile 127)
18 miles

Matt brought Silly Chili to meet us early at highway 79 just before Warner Springs. To do this we had to hike 3 miles in the early morning. During this short jaunt Dan and I encountered a herd of very friendly horses that did not respond to the shoo horse shoo technique. Shortly after, Dan walked off trail to reach the highway and almost stepped on a live turkey! What was funny is that a short while later we met a serious woman turkey hunter. She was EQUIPPED. Apparently it is turkey season all over the state of CA. The whole rest of today I worried about being mistaken for a turkey.

Most of the day was uphill, windy, and very cool. While hiking I enjoyed hearing Dan and Silly talking and laughing the whole day. A true testimony to getting your kids outside.

Mike Herrera is a Trail Angel that provides water and a place to stay at his home just off the trail at a vital place. We are camped on his lawn tonight in high cold winds with a full moon and fog bathing the sky. What is funny is he is not home and we won’t actually meet him.

Silly Chili is a happy camper and makes me super happy because he appreciates his new backpack, Neo Air, air pillow, Sunto watch, iPhone apps (we won’t loose him this trip), and delicious homemade dehydrated food. Just the best.20120406-083547.jpg20120406-083604.jpg20120406-083619.jpg





  1. Snakebait

    Dear Rockin’

    Will see of we can secure for you the international verification that ‘shoo horse, shoo’ works elsewhere and if it does provide some advice on technique or tone.

    Safe travels until then.

    Ulrike and Noel

    • Hey Snakebait!
      I will be sure to post in an upcoming entry the video of the horses that DID NOT respond to Shoo Horse Shoo. Glad you are following along and look forward your results. Perhaps you will have better results in another country!

  2. That’s me! Haha. I would be a liar if I said I didn’t have twinge of jealousy as I pulled back onto the highway after our departure. Glad to see you guys are having a blast!

    • Hey Matt! We sure appreciate you bringing Silly Chili and our resupply to Warner Springs. You can come along anytime. We would love to have another hiker along. REALLY!
      BTW: The bananas were the best.

  3. Hey Rockin’ Thanks for the pics and informal trail notes. I’m on the trail in a few days. Hopefully will get to say hello when near Tehachapi!

    • Hello Dan,
      I will be posting in the next couple of days some facts and data that might be helpful for upcoming hikers. It will be a great year for you. See you in Tehachapi.

  4. Henry Shires would be proud of that last pix!!
    As a happy Double Rainbow owner, I am curious about the two new entries to your team. Is that a Notch or Stratosphere? How do you/they like ’em??
    Please don’t feel a need to answer till you are off the trail. Just hike safe and watch out for those turkey hunters.

    • Hello Dave,
      Good to hear from you. The three tents in the pic are: the Double Rainbow, Tarptent Moment (one person), and Coyote’s “The One” by Gossamer Gear. I would like to see the Notch in action though. I LOVE my Moment and Coyote just bought her tent. So far she likes it, but it is a little fussy to put up, but a very light tent. All the tents did great in high winds and the rain we had the nights previous. Believe it or not we could hear wild turkey calls for 4 days. Who knew? Thanks for commenting. Happy trails to you.

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