April 4 – Moving’ and Goovin’

Bright as a Full Moon

PCT Ridge above San Felipe Valley to Canada Verde Creek (mile 109)
24 miles

Today was a great day. Everything was easier, better timing, rhythmic, less strenuous, and fun. We left Anza Borrego and traveled through gorgeous open meadows and are now camping a half mile south of the turn off to Warner Springs. Water sources continue and will continue to be a challenge. Thank you Trail Angels who supply life giving water caches.

We had fun today hiking with Coyote, who is from eastern Washington. She is a section hiker like myself and will be hiking all the way to Antelope Valley.

Early tomorrow we are meeting Silly Chili with resupply and he will join us in the ongoing quest for healthy water. I am so excited. Yay!

Note: I think thanks to new glass installed on the back of my iPhone right before this trip, the pics have been blurry. I will post better quality pics soon.












  1. This can’t end! My vote is that you keep heading north and don’t stop til Canada! Work will understand won’t it!?

    • I know. Right? Silly Chili and I would just keep going. I am so bummed it is ending now. Got back in the snow today for miles and had to navigate with Topo Maps. Memories BIG time from last year. I loved it!

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