April 3 – A Relief

Hydrate or Die

PCT – Chariot Canyon to Ridge above San Felipe Valley (Anza Borrego State Park)
21.5 miles

This was the day I was most anxious about. Hot, exposed hiking is not my friend. My body starts to do weird things in the heat and it is scary. My strategy today was to hike slower, at a steady pace, not to get my heart rate up, take more breaks in the shade, and concentrate on cool not stressful things. Which is kind of funny because you really need to constantly be looking for rattlesnakes!

The route today dropped us into the San Felipe Valley, then back up through Anza Borrego Park. My strategies seamed to work. I feel good tonight, am well hydrated, and only got cranky a few times. Dan, on the other hand is mister twinkle toes in the desert. He loves it and savors heat. Not great on my ego. 🙁 I do love the desert environment, even the snakes. The cactus were amazing and the desert floor was dotted with tiny wildflowers of all sorts.

The water sources continued to be interesting and spread out forcing the hiker to carry at least 4 to 6 liters at a time. Very heavy.

Our camp tonight is soft, flat, free of pokey plants, warm, and the moon light is filling our tent with soft light.









  1. Barbara Tieskoetter

    Yes–Ocotillo. I’ve only seen them in AZ, but then I’ve not been on the PCT in the Anza-Borrego Springs area. Orange flowers burst forth in a six inch long point at the tip of each spine. I love Ocotillos.

    • Hey Barbara,
      I am always glad to hear from you and thanks for the identification. I also think Ocotillo are beautiful and graceful. They are in Joshua Tree National Park too. Thanks for always following along! Hope you are doing fun things.

  2. Good to know about Stagecoach! I think it’s this: http://www.stagecoachtrails.com/ and yeah, we might want a shower by then!

    • Hey Natalie,
      FYI: if you don’t take a shower at Stagecoach you won’t get another chance for a week hiking fast (no shower at Warner Springs like in past years). The water is precious in the caches and should not be used for bathing. If I planned the trip again largely because you have to haul a lot of water, I would probably:
      -Resupply and stay at Mount Laguna (contact owner for late check in and he can have your box ready or resupply from his large store)
      -Resupply at Stagecoach, take a shower and leave
      Just sayin’ and only my opinion. Be sure to contact us when you pass through Tehachapi. We would love to help out.

  3. Yellowstone

    Hey Rockin’: good going! Glad you made it through the dry section! The cactus is Ocotillo –if you are asking about that tall one with the very narrow ‘branches’. Happy trails! and here’s hoping for no snakeys!

    • Hello Yellowstone. Boy I thought a lot about you and Skyward while on these 2 sections. We went a whole week without a shower because of the closing of Warner Springs. Yes it is amazing what one can do with a baby wipe and a 1/2 cup of water.:) Thanks for the identification. I think Ocotillo are beautiful.

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