April 1 – Climb On

“Why do I climb? Quite simply because the mountains and I had to meet.” – Colette Richard

Lake Morena to Mt. Laguna
23 miles

So I guess I should give the whole scoop from yesterday. Shortly after I posted last night’s blog several campers in the Lake Moreno Campground became loud and inebriated with a very large bonfire. All this persisted along with singing in I think French until at least 2:00 am! And on top of that the temperature dropped significantly, wind howled, and it rained most of the night.

After a night of little sleep we hiked in cold light mist into the Laguna Mountains. We climbed continually today gaining 3000 feet of elevation from desert to mountain pines. Highlights of the day: met our first thru-hiker Frank from Redmond, Oregon, backpack started feeling like an old friend vs. a foreign alien, enjoyed homemade dehydrated tuna salad for lunch, and scored a room at Mt. Laguna Lodge. After a hot shower and a coconut ice cream bar I am feeling stiff and sore everywhere. On the other hand, our feet are in good shape, spirits are high, and we are ready for the waterless desert tomorrow.







  1. Sky George

    Good to be out on the trail ! Love the heart shaped rock photo : )

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