1. Hahahaha…the friends and mom pics ring true! Hilaaaarious

  2. #4 is how it feels on the outside, but #5 is how it feels on the inside 🙂 great post!

  3. Barbara Tieskoetter

    Hey Rockin’–greetings from AZ. Loved the post but must say I personally relate to you via pic #4 and envy you and your incredible accomplishments immensely via pic #5.

    • Helloooo Barbara in Arizona. I think this year Tehachapi and Arizona have had similar weather. Weird year. Yep, sometimes my backpack DOES feel like #4, but I do try my very best to not let that happen often and ahhhhhh yes #5 issss where it is at. Great to hear from you. Hope you are doing well.

  4. I couldn’t resist posting this on fb either! My fav is the last one with the legs sticking out. I definitely felt like that!

  5. That is AWESOME! Sporting a good smile up here!

    • Good to hear. This year is your year. You just might have to leave the ice axe and microspikes behind with the like… no snow level. On the flip side you can be sure you will be hauling water.

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