International Cow Ushering Technique

While section hiking the Pacific Crest Trail the last 2 summers, I have posted daily online journals from the trail. It has been so fun and encouraging to hear and know that readers are following along. Last summer while hiking through Northern California just below the Oregon/California border, I experienced an onslaught of on-trail cows sporting loud bells. I posted a video of this experience online that proved to entertain readers and motivate the testing of my cow moving technique. I even had readers comment advising of additional shooing calls.

Recently, I received a very clever, thoughtful, and informative email from Noel and Ulrike in Australia. The email included the support in the form of the video “Internationally Verified Cow Ushering Technique”.

Dear Rockin’
Thanks for blogging this year. We have really enjoyed your observations, and your positivity and energy in and about the outdoors.
Now, with mock seriousness – we were very concerned at the suggestion that your cow ushering techniques needed polish (based on comments on your cow video from July 22). We attach a video verifying your cow moving technique. The attached video demonstrates that cows do “respond well to ‘shoo'” and that no “yehaaaarrr” is necessary.
We are really happy to internationally verify your approach.
Warm regards from down-under,

Noel and Ulrike

I immediately responded.

Noel and Ulrike,
Well this is a relief! I had to revisit the cow shooing video to verify in fact that cows roaming wilderness areas do move when presented verbally with the command “shoo cow shoo”. This is especially true when the request comes from a startled and sometimes frightened hiker. You have even documented that they do indeed sometimes scurry away quickly to this request. Thank you for this vital verification. Happy New Year!

To appreciate Noel and Ulrike’s video, first view the original cow video posted from my July 22, 2011 trail journal, then view their international video second.

Thank you Noel, Ulrike, and all followers. Your support, encouragement, and humor is priceless.


  1. Hahaha, I guess I should have used “shoo” instead of taunting cows by shouting all the things I can do with my opposable thumbs.

    • Who knew? You just might be needing this sweet skill on your upcoming travel in 2012 on that PCT! Just remember to say “shoo cow, goodbye cow”.

      Thanks for sharing another technique of bovine moving. Readers, be sure and check out Mexico to Canada’s photo and description on Picasa. Love it.

      BTW, I love your photography. Can’t wait to see your upcoming trail photos.

  2. That’s funny. Didn’t realize there was an actual “cow” language! You have expanded my knowledge today, thanks.

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