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I have been a long time fan of Tarma Designs Jewelry. Many a photo I have sported my Mt. Rainier or Cairn pendant and Tarma is featured on my list of Hiking Favorites of 2010. Tarma Jewelry has been the perfect Christmas gift for my adventuresome, artisan, or nature loving friends and family.

I love my new PCT earring and pendant set. As a PCTer, wearing them is celebration of the trail. It makes me feel connected and recall many great PCT experiences, especially all the funky PCT signs along the way. 🙂 So valuable and great. Thank you Sky George of Tarma Designs.

Design – I love the size and simple stainless look.
Very durable – I have yet to lose or replace necklace cords, stainless pieces do not change over the years no matter what you put them through or how many showers, earrings have a comfortable closed clasp, great for everyday or outdoor adventures
Easily adjustable – the length of the neck cord can be changed quickly by tying a knot, pendants can easily be interchanged with different cords or chains (I change mine up often and love this feature)
Reasonably Priced – Price range allows me to give as gifts and buy for myself
Pacific Crest Trail Association Donation – $1 is donated for each purchase of PCT of jewelry

Tarma offers a big variety of lines for both men and women. They have a fun, well-organized, and informative website. Be sure to check them out.

A Few of My Favorites:
Cairn (trail marker) pendant, OM pendant and earrings, Golden Sun pendant and earrings, Leaf pendant and earrings, Spiral Pendant + Blue Bead, Spiral wristband, PCT pendant and earrings.

*Tarma is currently offering free domestic US Shipping for orders over $50 with coupon TARMAHOLIDAY


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  3. I love that jewelry also…..and I love that you give it to me for gifts!!!! I can wear it 24/7 and not get any kind of itching on my neck…..!!!! I wear the OM sign ALL of the time! THank you

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