Liberty Bottles…BOMB!

“Liberty Bottleworks’ made-in-America aluminum water bottles are the perfect holiday gift for your environmentally, economically and style-conscious peeps.”
~Liberty Bottleworks

Liberty BottleworksEating healthy and organic foods I can handle, BUT what I constantly struggle with is drinking the magic 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water everyday. Believe me I try. Yes…commitments, strategies, and goals I have made. Really. I have often wondered who actually consistently accomplishes this away from home or on the trail? I have tried stainless steel water bottles, which are easier to clean and safer for daily use than my traditional Nalgene water bottle. Sadly, I found that the metal taste and feel to my lips made me actually drink less water. Not good.

One of my personal favorites is when I bought my last Nalgene bottle at Sports Chalet. The very informed cashier verbally gave me lengthy instructions on the cleaning, disinfecting, and care of my new plastic water bottle. It was overwhelming and complicated and more importantly worried me. Is drinking from this each day actually putting my health at risk? Who really knows?

A couple of weeks ago while shopping REI in Reno, Nevada, I discovered my new friend, Liberty Bottleworks metal water bottle. What attracted me first was the streamlined, VERY artistic look, and no bare metal surfaces exposed (inside and out). Luckily, the bottles were on sale (I bought 3) and a very helpful salesman offered a list of positive online reviews.

Three members of my family have been using and loving this bottle. I for one am drinking a lot more water and feel mighty special carrying it around.

Easy to clean, keeps water cold, fits nicely in outside pocket of day packs or a soft briefcase, unique designs from a variety of artists, fancy and plain patterns available, no metal taste, opening is perfect size to drink from, offered in 2 sizes (24 and 32 ounce), ice-cube friendly (no condensation here)

Lid takes some time to get used to (twist until it clicks)

Amazon and Backcountry are now offering discounts on some sizes and designs.



    I would recommend the Nalgene mil canteen, with stainless steel canteen cup and CanteenShop stove stand.

    Also, for the more tech-savvy hiker/camper/suvivalist: the Biolite Camp stove 2012.

  2. You’ve convinced me, I think I need one of these. It’s good for you and stylish to boot.

  3. Wait! What? How is there no metal to touch your mouth? I guess I should go to the site and check it out eh? And how is there no condensation? I need one!

    • I know… RIGHT. It is coated:
      “Flexible Food Grade Coatings insure no chips or flakes end up in your water. Unlike uncoated metal bottles, our coating insures no heavy metal leaching or porous surface for bacteria build up.”
      My experience has been no condensation when I add ice cubes. Jealous?

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