Landscapes: Volume Two

If you haven’t already viewed this Dustin Farrell’s time-lapse video, sit down for an awesome treat. It is a breathtaking experience that visits the southwest, Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. To view film details visit Landscapes: Volume Two at Vimeo.

It is best viewed HD full screen with a good connection. Click play to load (warning it will take some time). Enjoy!


  1. Wow. That is stunning! I am utterly amazed by the stars…

  2. Hi, I’m new here. Your photos are beautiful, and I love the inspirational quotes at the beginning of each blog entry. I’ve used (and loved) the Panasonic Lumix cameras for five years, and recently changed to the Canon SX230, it was a tough decision, I see myself going back to the Lumix one day. Happy Hiking! -HW

    • Hello HW, Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by. There are so many great cameras out there now (especially with HD video) and I love hearing recommendations from readers.

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