On that PCT Once Again

Whoso walks in solitude, And inhabiteth the wood, Choosing light, wave, rock, and bird Before the money-loving herd, Into that forester shall pass, From these companions, power and grace.
—RALPH WALDO EMERSON, Wood-notes, 1847

Rockin and Arrow at top of Sawtooth PassThe mountains, the trail, the backpack, the stream crossings, and yes even the mosquitoes are calling and I must go. Arrow and I are heading out for a 76 mile section of the Pacific Crest Trail from Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park north to Sonora Pass. I am super excited to experience this section of the trail. It features a lot of elevation change, gorgeous lakes, and some pretty challenging stream crossings. My pack is ready to go weighing in at 24 pounds complete with a bear canister, 5 days of food, and 1 liter of water. Just the way I like it. 🙂


  1. I live in Mariposa and am blessed to be able to hike throughout Yosemite each week.

  2. And hopefully no big river crossings! I look forward to seeing this section the way it’s supposed to be!

    • Okay I was so thinking about you ALL the way!!!! I so would have liked to have experienced it the way you did. Boy am I amazed and in complete awe at the challenges this section would have had during the early season! You are a true hero in my book. I think this summer WILL go down in PCT history. And just think you will forever be a part of the story. I am proud to have been following along with you!

  3. So glad to see that you’re back on the trail (in my area now). The photo is great. Enjoy and I look forward to your posts.

    • Hello Janet,
      You live by some mighty fine country! It was a super great trip and I am always glad to know you are following along. About where is your area?

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