Reflections and PCT Pics

Life isn’t fair, but life is good.
~ Chris D.- Super Star teacher

Live in the now.
Live in the now.
Live in the now.
Appreciate every little thing.
Appreciate every little thing.
Appreciate every little thing.
Hang on to it.
Hang on to it.
Hang on to it.

My plan … just keep saying these phrases over and over to keep the tangible, believable, and attainable calm the trail has gifted me with. I want this. I need this. I know I am lucky to have experienced focus, slowing down, single tasking (just putting one foot in front of the other), and appreciation for the goodness of my fellow mankind.

Al, who was kind enough to drive me to the trail head from the Amtrak station in Dunsmuir sent this pic he took with his phone of me with his dog Angel. I think this is the Rockin’ I want to be and hold on to.

Rockin and Angel
This summer I traveled on the Pacific Crest Trail through:
486.2 miles
8 Wilderness Areas
2 National Parks
5 National Forests
3 State Parks
Stream Crossings – too many to count
Travel on snow-covered trail – way too many miles to count

I am now ready for where the next adventure will lead, just as long as I keep it simple, keep it light, and take one step at a time.

The following are photo slide shows taken with my Panasonic Lumix LX5 of the trail section from Castle Crags Wilderness to Crater Lake National Park.

Thanks again for following along.


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  2. Mark Peterson

    Hey Rockin’,
    I just got out of the back country and have finally caught up on all the PCT journals I follow and I wanted to say thanks for keeping yours and for posting all the beautiful pics that you’ve taken of God’s Country. I can’t wait to experience more of this wonderful land!!!

    • Hello Mark, So great to hear from you and I am glad you love the photos. Pictures of God’s nature visited, I think keeps the moment close to the heart. Don’t you think? Where did you go? I am ready for more.

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