July 28 – New Strategy

“You got some sweet skills.”
-Napoleon Dynamite

Christi’s Spring to Jack Spring Trail
22.8 miles

After yesterday’s fiasco I gave myself a tune up.
New Strategy:
-hike at a slow steady pace with shorter steps
-stop and rest before my body is aching all over
-make 4 mile goals (not 10)
-stretch at each break

Guess what? It worked. I am not dead dog tired tonight. I do have to admit though that today’ miles held a variety of views, challenges, and environments so that really helped. Hiking in the trees all day makes me crazy! The snow crossings were fun not scary like everyone had predicted. I even glissaded in my hiking skirt with success. 🙂

I am heading into Crater Lake National Park tomorrow and will be staying at the Mazama Village. I am looking forward to hiking on the crater rim. There is supposed to be deep snow which I think will make it very scenic. Also, if I can find a ride to Ashland, Medford, or Klamath Falls from Crater Lake I am going to get off the trail here for this summer and take the train home. I miss my family and have been gone pretty much since June 24th. Hopefully something will work out.

Just before getting a place to camp tonight I disturbed a herd of female elk in the burn area below (see pic). Shortly after that I saw something that looked like a ferret run across the trail. Is that possible? Or what else could it be? This forest tonight has animal noises that are new to me. I will have lots of questions for the rangers at the visitors center.

I was thinking today about all the sweet new skills I have learned this summer while on the trail. Some important and some…not so much.
– not lose a single thing on the trail (this was a lot of work)
– use an alcohol stove without setting the forest on fire
– glissade with a skirt
– walk in wet shoes for days
– pretty much I am the microspikes queen
– stream crossings have taken on a whole new meaning
– showers can be used as a washing machine
– being alone with yourself too long is not so good
– hitch hiking still makes me stressed
– to keep warm in bad weather just keep hiking faster, don’t stop
– my ice axe is my friend
– most all just when things are going great and too much confidence is happening, things will go wrong! Listen to your feelings and don’t get overly confident.

This year’s PCT hike has definitely had drama, high adventure, lots of discomforts, dramatic scenery, physical challenges, and lots of great memories. I am blessed.






  1. Hey, I vote for that name. Fits him. So glad you are home safely. You are such an inspiration to the rest of us lazy folk. So fun to listen to all your adventures.

  2. Barbara Tieskoetter

    Congratulations Rockin’ for your 2011 achievements! Was thinking about you today and thought about the wonderful support your husband is for you. Perhaps he was the sparkplug to ignite and encourage your passion for the PCT? “Sparky” trail name?

    • He definitely puts up with a lot of my trip planning with a smile. Very unique I know. I will make sure he reads your comment. Sparky??? Hmmmmmmm…

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