July 25 – Happy Hikers

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

Callahans Lodge to Highway 66 (Soda Springs Wilderness)
16.6 miles

It was very difficult leaving the lap of luxury this morning. Consequently, I did not hit the trail until 12:00 noon. I was lucky that the day was cool with a light breeze and not much elevation gain. This area north of Ashland in the Soda Springs Wilderness is very arid with few water sources. It was also a VERY social day as there were quite of few day hikers and PCT thru-hikers I stopped and visited with. Some are just starting the trail and others are doing a small section, but all share the love of being on the trail. You can feel it and see it in their faces. I love it.

No cow or bear scat to be seen today, but I am now listening to a pack of coyotes. Come on!!!! now I think I deserve a break from visiting nightly wildlife don’t ya all think so?

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Gear Fav: Clean Gear
Food Fav: Chicken and bread leftovers from last night’s glorious dinner






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