July 24 – Callahans!

When in doubt, just clean EVERYTHING!
– Rockin’

Siskiyou Gap to Callahan’s just outside of Mt. Ashland
17 miles

So camping by the road… not so much a great idea. I had cows in the night. I needed special skills to shoooooo them away. Thank you Barbara for the special shoooooing skill I NOW posses. Hopefully I won’t be using it in the near future.

I saw many friendly day-hikers that asked me many questions as I strolled into the Ashland area. The deep forest resembled something out of a movie or theme park. Beautiful.

I am now at Callahan’s Resort just off I 5. The nice gentleman gave me a great deal on a luxurious room with an in the room jacuzzi. So cool. I washed everything!!!! Even my pack and down jacket. After a few tub soaks, a delicious dinner, and some rest I will be heading north tomorrow at 11:00 when they kick me out. I am kind of nervous about the upcoming snow. I am just taking it one step at a time.

Thought it might be helpful to show what and how I carry my solar charger for my trusty I Phone, so I added some pics.

A very happy and CLEAN,






  1. You aren’t using the Vapor Ki anymore? I haven’t read all the posts, so I just noticed that. Go PowerMonkey! Careful, I had to replace the iPhone 4 adapter when it broke. Very fragile and cost a ton for rush delivery. Keep on truckin’. I’m leaving Belden and headed to the halfway mark!

    • Erin!!!! Just read about your ankle and brace. Sounds painful and discouraging. Hope the vitamin i is helping. Bought the ULA right before the Sierras. It has worked out. My original tip did not work. The very helpful customer service gentleman told me to use my I Phone cord with the Power Monkey USB adapter that came with it and connect it that way. It works perfectly! Hang in there. You are going to love upcoming Castle Crags and Marble Mountain Wilderness areas. Good to hear from you!

  2. So did you just dump everything in the hot tub with you, add soap and kick on the jets? Instant washing machine. That video could rank right up there with the cows! 🙂

  3. Barbara Tieskoetter

    It’s a snow day today! Loved your comment about “one step at a time”. Indeed. Thanks for the reminder that all things can be accomplished “one step at a time”, one minute at a time, one day at a time, etc. etc. etc. Plans are good but we can only live in the present. Have a great day.

    • Boy that is for sure! We get so wrapped up in the worrying about what will happen later it sometimes robs our joy of what is right in front of us. Hope you had a super day.

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