July 23 – Oregon!

Texting while hiking. Is it legal?

– Rockin’

3 miles after Lowden’s Cabin to Siskiyou Gap

27.8 miles

I learned my lesson about camping in the middle of the trail, so now I am trying camping beside a dirt road. I am feelin’ positive about not disturbing the wildlife in the night. That is good.

I had fun today texting fellow PCTers and family while hiking. I am getting close to Ashland, so I sometimes have cell service. I guess there could be some problems with that one also, like tripping, slipping, getting on the wrong trail, or just plain forgetting to hike at all and just hang out. Anyway I am guilty.

The forest today was filled with my favorite tree, incense cedar. This section lacks lakes and large flowing creeks, and is riddled with logging roads, but the dense forest is filled with many varieties of flowering bushes and wildflowers. The crossing of the Oregon/California border was the highlight of the day and I got the whole thing on video.

Toward the end of the day Bloodbath came strolling up while I was eating my dinner. He is one of the select few that have hiked the PCT straight through this snowy year. He is really smart and is going in the Peace Corps after his very fast hike (he like hikes 30 to 40 miles each day). It is very likely I will never cross his path again. Best of luck to him.

Tomorrow I am heading to Callahan’s Lodge at I 5 outside Ashland to resupply. I am ready to get really cleaned up and eat a fancy meal. I have some decisions to make when I get there. You see there is still a lot of snow above Fish Lake, Oregon. I am toying with the idea of getting a ride somehow back to Buck’s Summit and complete Buck’s to Castella. Now that is a puzzle! Good luck Rockin’ with that one.



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  1. you made it =)

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