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  2. Too funny, you crack me up!

  3. karen halvorsen

    Glad you won out with the cow. Love Mom

  4. karen halvorsen

    Glad you won out with cow. Love Mom

  5. GOOD-BYE, Cow! LOL!

  6. There was something about your “discussion” with the cow that sounded like Ella. Gave me a good smile this morning. The picture at the border didn’t look very much like a dirty hiker! You must have showered and dressed beforehand. It is so strange to me that you manage to run into hikers you know out there in what I would consider “no-mans-land, Small world, It is a comfort to us at home to realize that you are not alone. Trek on Lady on a Rock!

  7. Barbara Tieskoetter

    This was funny. But cows don’t respond well to ‘shoo’. You have to holler in a high pitched tone “Yeeeehaaaa”–gets ’em moving every time. 🙂

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