July 21 – Seiad Valley Baby

It is the way America used to be.
-Seiad Valley RV Park Manager

Girder Creek to Seiad Valley
14 miles

I got an early start to resupply today. The trail continued to be dense and lush. I am constantly looking for that poison oak I know is there with no luck. There is a 7 mile road walk that parallels the Klamath River. I enjoyed listening to a backpacking play list Silly Chili had put together for me. It was very motivating. Along the way there was huge construction on part of the road that had washed away. That made for some craziness in the day!

I am staying at the RV park where they have a whole area set up just for PCT hikers and all their needs. When I came in I was so glad to see Serenity and Twice a Lady here. Serenity stayed with us when she was coming through Tehachapi and had skipped up to avoid snow and stream crossings. It was so good to see and visit with them. I love this trail!

It is warm here so I have been doing chores, soaking in the creek, and breathing. This is a very unique community. People are friendly and seem relaxed and happy, but definitely not rich. Life is so good.

Tomorrow morning I am heading out early for the long uphill to beat the heat on to Ashland, Oregon. I am hoping to make it in 3 1/2 days. No cell service I am told between here and Ashland. 🙁

Thank you again for reading, comments, questions, and support!








  1. Once again enjoyed your videos and pictures. Would have loved the hike along the river and the one through the dense woods. Did not enjoy hearing about the bear. Take care. Hope we will hear from Ashland.

    • Bears are a problem. There has been more bear scat on the trail ( with no prints) than I have ever seen. I think the bears think the trail is a pooping area.

  2. Barbara Tieskoetter

    So enjoying your posts, pics and video. You are one awesome Rockin’ woman to face the challenges of this trip by yourself. My amazement of your abilities never ceases!

    • That or I am just plain old crazy!!!! 🙂 Where I am camped tonight my presence has scared 3 deer as they so casually entered my camp. Very unsettling. Thanks for your support.

  3. So glad you saw Serenity, how cool is that. Don’t camp “on” any more trails! Live and learn I guess, and it looks like you are really livin’!

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