July 18 – Hiker Hut at Etna

Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.
~Francis Bacon

Paynes Lake to Etna Summit
6 miles

My excitement for the day was smashed when I woke up to pouring rain that didn’t stop…ever. Magic did happen however. A couple miles before the Etna Summit where I was going to attempt to get a ride into Etna 14 miles northeast, Ben and Kate came strolling up. They are the first northbound hikers I have seen AND they have come all the way from Mexico. These hikers are doing 30 to 35 miles per day!!! I hiked to the summit with them and they decided to go into Etna also to get dry and warm. Halleluia!!!! We waited for a ride for just a few minutes and was picked up by gentlemen that were out panning for gold. So great.

I am staying at Alderbrook Manor that is a beautiful bed and breakfast. They have a special building just for hikers with everything hikers need. My laundry is done, I have checked in with my family, I am dryed off, warm, have just finished eating a large spinich salad and a smoothie at the coffee house, and am now using the computer at the public library. BTW: I am so jealous of their library. It is filled with friendly, helpful librarians and has the love of learning atmosphere. Now that is hard to beat. I am thankful.

Tomorrow the weather forecast is not good, but is clearing up on Wednesday. I have decisions to make.





  1. Etna sounds wonderful! Glad you are dry now.

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