July 17 – WIND

Ya never know what is coming for you.
~from the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”

Creeklet below Eagle Peak to Paynes Lake (Russian Wilderness)
23.1 miles

My cute little campsite turned into a wind vortex in the middle of the night. I woke up to a giant roar then WAM a gust of wind hit my tent. The tent pole bend way down on top of me and one of the stakes flew up and half the tent was on top of me. Well this happened at least a dozen more times until the gusts stopped. I quickly jumped out of the tent and located the biggest rock I could carry and staked the tent back up. All in lightening speed! This totally freaked me out. Then on top of that the morning was freezing, windy, raining, and in the fog. Not the start I had envisioned.

After hiking a few miles today I saw 2 ladies from the forest service doing campsite maintenance. It was great talking with them and they said this weather pattern will last until Tuesday. That is good because it was even colder temperatures today.

Before entering Russian Wilderness I had to down step a snow cornice by kicking steps in. There were two problems:
1. The snow was icy and slick because of the recent rain and cold.
2. One slip I would land in giant boulders.

Where was Silly Chili when I needed him?

The day was a bit challenging in many ways, but everything is good because it is not raining, blowing wind or foggy at Paynes Lake where I am camped. Tomorrow I have six miles to hike, then I am going to Etna to resupply and do chores. I have heard great things about this little town and I am super excited.

Again thank you for reading!

Gear Fav: Trash compactor bags, 1 for a pack liner and another for a pack cover while hiking. I have definitely had plenty of opportunities to use this combo in the last few days.

Food Fav: Costco Peanut Butter Pretzels – they come in a giant container and I love them every bit as Trader Joes. They fill you up, give you energy, and supply protein and a kick of salt.







  1. So how’s your goal of not losing anything going?

  2. Margo Hayes

    Wow Christy – sounds like a tough weekend! Glad you’re coming into a town:) Thanks again for sharing this amazing trip with us.

    • I love Etna! It is the cutest little town. I am in the library right now and I am jealous! Tehachapi needs a library just like this one. Backpacking lesson learned: ALWAYS bring rain pants. I didn’t. Hope you are well.

  3. White flowers: hard to tell, flox?

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