July 12 – Gear and Food Recap

New gear is a necessity.

Yes, I admit it I am guilty of forever researching the newest and lightest in backpacking equipment. It is fun and I just love it. Jason Klass posted this video on his blog “Gear Talk with Jason Klass”. You might just watch and listen and say what, what, what are they talking about? But for me it is music to my ears. Have fun.

Here is a quick summary of gear and food from the Sierra Section:

Favorite Gear
-NRS Wet Socks
– Microspikes
-Camp Corsa Ice Axe
-My i Phone 4 of course (love the battery life and photo/video quality!)

Favorite Food
-breakfast – Mix in ziploc, Better than Milk Powered Soymilk, Vanilla Spirutein Protein Shake Mix and 1 teaspoon Medaglia D’Oro Instant Espresso Coffee. Thank you PCTer, Dreams.
-Mary Jane’s Organics Freeze Dried Dinners – Couch Potatoes, Chili mac, Red Pesto Pasta

-The photos in this section were taken by three different cameras:
Panasonic Lumix LX-5
Canon S95
Canon Elf 1400
All video was shot with the Canon S95 exclusively.
-By far we loved the photos from the Panasonic Lumix LX-5 the most. Some of you have asked about the camera’s battery life. I used just one battery during the 9 day trip and it still had life left.

Things we really didn’t like
-Bear Valley Meal Bars – I thought they were a good idea but I had trouble swallowing them.
-Neutrogena Dry Touch 70 Sunscreen
-Neutrogena Lip Balm
-Blistex Lip Balm


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  2. Epic Trip thru the Sierras. Great Journal.
    1. iPhone vs cameras. You are very clear on crediting the cameras. Any thoughts on the iphones pix abilities. I did read your Dec post about the photo apps. Did the iphone just handle the journaling and maps, etc.?
    2. Power Monkey. Did you have the monkey on your back? How did it do? How did you employ it?
    3. NRS Socks: Great idea. Which did you chose? 2mm, 0.5mm. Amazing water crossing stories. Once you are fully soaked, did you have any layers inside or outside for fit or blister control? Doing 15+ miles in a wet shoe is astounding.
    4. Merrells: my FAV too. Any thoughts on Goretex vs not. Obviously GTX was was overwhelmed in the Sierras, but during your rainy days now… how is the GTX doing? As Hungryhoneymoon said, “There’s no such thing as a waterproof shoe.” I loved photo of the shoes drying at VVR. You should pitch your story to Merrell Inc.
    5. Lip Balm: Great field report. Did you find one that passes the test?
    Sorry about all the picky ???s. I am a week from launch south on the JMT….. so psyched!

    Neil Young would be proud – “Keep on Rockin’ in a free world!”


    • I hope I can answer your questions.
      Feet: I would use non gortex and the thinner NRS socks. Gortex is heavy when wet
      Monkey: love it yes it is on my back and works great to charge I Phone
      Photos: used iPhone for journaling and photos from the trail like the ones you are seeing, plus maps, but I also have a regular camera.

      JMT will have snow. We loved the microspikes. Hope I got everything. If not ask me again. Hope your trip is safe and fun. It definitely will be memorable.

    • Sorry forgot about the lip balm. Dermatone is the best!!!!

  3. Interesting post thanks Rockin. Really useful information.

    Hey if anyone out there has a single large microspike they want to sell me I’m in the market for one., I lost one recently on this trip: http://ourhikingblog.com.au/2011/07/lake-cygnus-ascent-in-snow.html

    they are fantastic!


    • Frank I thought I was the only one who magically looses vital gear. How does that happen? Here is to hoping you find a seller that had the same problem. Thank you again for following my along this crazy journey.

  4. Mark Peterson

    Hey Rockin’, Glad to hear that you are feeling better and can resume your hike. Are you going all the way to Canada? Anyways, Best Trail wishes to you!!

    PS. what is the recipe for your breakfast shakes- How much water do you use for them?

    • Nope I am going until school starts up again in August where ever i end up. I am a teacher.
      1 cup water
      1 large scoop Better than Milk ( scoop comes in the can)
      1 large scoop of the protein powder
      1 tsp. Instant expresso coffee


      1 package Instant Breakfast
      1 large scoop Nido (powdered whole milk, buy at Walmart or online)
      1 cup water
      1 tsp expresso

      I bought everything on Amazon except the Nido. Thanks for the well wishes.

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