July 3 – 11 Recoup, Rest, and Recharge!

Sometimes you just have to rest and be still.

It is amazing what A LOT of rest and antibiotics can do quickly for the body.  I am on my way to the next leg of this journey taking the train this week to Dunsmuir, CA where the PCT crosses I 5 in northern California to hike north.  I am super pumped to ride on a  train and continue this hike. I am not sure of the regularity of the upcoming cell service, but I am hoping to post this journal on a more up-to-date regular basis.

Now get on that trail,


  1. Georgette Theotig

    Your week in the snowy Sierra was exciting to follow! I can’t believe the conditions you faced everyday. The dramatic photos of snowy passes, torrential streams, and long days on the “trail” were so captivating, I watched over and over! You are an amazing, inspirational PCT hiker. Best wishes for a successful next portion of the PCT – I hope your feet stay dry!!

    • Oh I am so glad, that makes me feel so great! It WAS very startling seeing the landscape under snow. My hopes are that our Sierras will get renewed and refreshed by the feet of snow pack. I do worry though at the widespread destruction throughout canyons and on the trails. I wonder if the trail will ever be repaired? I too am hoping for less snow in this section. However, I will be passing through Trinity Alps and Marble Mountain Wildernesses. Thank you for your kind, kind words. 🙂

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