June 24 – Going In

To Travel is better than to arrive… what happens along the way is what matters…it is the journey not the destination.
~from the movie “Step Up 3”

Onion Valley Trailhead to Kearsarge Lakes (at least that is the plan)
8 miles

Saddle up your horses, we’ve got a trail to blaze. Yep, the packs are fully loaded and bulging with crampons, bear canisters, ice axes, gaiters, misc. extra gear, and 8 days of food. They are weighing in at a whopping 35, 35, and 31 pounds complete with 2 liters of water. The base weight (without water and food) for the guys with all the extra gear is 20 pounds and Rockin’s is 15 (I have the advantage of last minute ultralight purchases).

The plan today is to shuttle cars from Red’s to Onion Valley trail head, then start hiking in the afternoon until dusk. I am feeling super excited and glad all the months of preparation are now behind. Cell service is non existent in the high Sierras, so that means the next post will be in about 7 days when we resupply at Vermillion Valley Resort on the western side of the Sierra. Thanks again for reading and blazing the trail right along with me.

Rockin’, Silly Chili, and Dan (who really needs a trail name that sticks)

Approaching top of Kearsarge Pass
Kearasarge Lakes
Top of Kearsarge Pass


  1. Yay! A post from the trail! I still think Dan should be Rollin’.

  2. I’ll be thinking of the Team Tehachapi Magic as you begin this adventure… Hugs and well wishes are sent your way, look forward to hearing about it:)
    Happy Trails!!!!!

    • Thank you! Your input and information has been a vital part of planning for this adventure. Our family wishes your family a safe journey.

  3. Georgette Theotig

    Go Team Tehachapi! If anyone can succeed in the deep snow and streams, I know it’s you three adventurers. I will be following every exciting step. Best wishes for a memorable, safe, and fun trip. Now go climb that snowy pass!

    • Thank you Georgette for your ongoing support and enthusiasm. I am also wishing you well on your trips this summer. I think most hikers are searching for snow free trails, but to no avail. A very weird year.

  4. I am cold already. That’s a mighty handsome young man you have with you! Got his good looks from his grandmother, I am sure! I will be praying for God’s protection as you journey on.

  5. Gooooooo team tehachapi!!! Gooooooooooo! In like your black backgrounded captions!!! Be safe, and God Speed! Love you mom!!!

    • Hey thanks! I am lovin’ my new caption app for the i Phone “Photo Name”. It is very plain and basic, just like I love. Love you too!

  6. Lori Marvin

    Hey guys,
    It’s awesome to hear about this great adventure!!! Thanks so much for sharing it. It kinds feels like I’m there with you! Rock on!!

  7. How very special it is to spend this time with your husband and son doing something you all love.

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