April 20 – We are lucky we know

I am glad I did it, partly because it was well worth it, and chiefly because I shall never have to do it again.

Day 2 – Cottonwood Creek to Tehachapi-Willow Springs Road
22.7 miles

Aside from extreme headwinds, off-road motor vehicle environmental damage, and long waterless trail miles, this section of actual TRAIL offers the hiker a  fantastic experience.  It offers loads of elevation gain and loss, great views, an interesting burn area, open country, and every variety of desert wildflower to be enjoyed. A great trip.

View the all trip photos on Flickr:
PCT Section: Three Points to Tehachapi-Willow Springs Road

Day 2 - SunriseSunrise
Heading into the Tehachapi Mountain Range
Horned ToadHorned Toad
Gamble Canyon
Oak Creek Canyon

Gear and food favs:
Lots of successes and mistakes. I am pumped that I now have the new power to embed videos on journal entries through You Tube from my i Phone. All gear and food details will be in an upcoming blog entry.

So for fun and so ya all don’t miss first hand how windy it actually was.


  1. I was referring to the line, “I am pumped that I now have the new power to upload videos from my iPhone into this blog without going through YouTube.” Which app?

    Thanks for the others, though. I’ve added a couple I think will be useful:
    -Dragon Dictation, for dictating possible blogs.
    -Find iPhone, for if I lose my iPhone, I can see where it is online.
    -iBooks, similar to your Evernote, I can read PDF scans of books, Halfmile’s topo maps, and even the National Park and National Forest brochures I’ve downloaded.
    -MultiG, so I can read my multiple Gmail accounts.

    I’ve also signed up for a separate Google account that I’ve shared with a friend at home. I’ll use the Google Voice feature to create podcasts that she can pull off of Google as mp3s and post on my site. 🙂


    • OH, that… I broke down and purchased Videopress through WordPress, largely because the iPhone 4 is taking pretty decent videos. Before, I was using my camera to video then uploading them to YouTube, then embedding them after trips. This is a real hassle on the trail and consumes a lot of time. Now I can effortlessly add them to the blog when I have 3G service. BTW: I used Dragon Dictation on the trip and had bad luck. If there is ANY outside noise (wind) it does a bad job. In a tent it is really hard to reedit the mistakes it makes at night when you are tired. Thanks for the app tips.

  2. So which app are you using?

    • A few actually…I am not sure which you are asking about. I use WordPress app to post to this blog from my iPhone while on the trail, Topo Maps app with Halfmile’s waypoints uploaded for navigation (the most important), and lately I have been using both Camera+ and the iPhone’s regular camera with HDR turned on for taking photos and videos. Hope this helps. Do you have any suggestions? Ya gotta love technology.

      • Oh and one more… I use Evernote on my computer to store all the guidebook pages and any important information I will need, I scan ahead of time and then use Evernote app to view them while on the trail. To view them without service you will need to open them on your phone while you have service, then they will be ready for use at any time.

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