April 19 – So Much Water Yet No Water

A happy backpacker is a right backpacker.
~Greg Alieo from “Motion” on LiveWell

PCT Section – Pine Creek Canyon to Cottonwood Creek
23.1 miles

Well this day could have been hot, dry, brown, extremely windy and very unpleasant, but today was quite the contrary. Thru-hikers usually travel this area at the end of May or first of June when conditions are harsh and extreme. Today the temps were cool with intermittent cloud cover and desert wildflowers blanketed the ground.

SO that’s the good stuff. What I really want to express is the shear insanity of the routing of this section of trail. Two thirds of day was spent hiking on or beside open, underground, or above ground Los Angeles aqueduct water way!! All this water with NO WATER ACCESS for miles and miles. Crazy spaghetti. My personal favorite is when the hiker could hear the babbling water, but could not see it. That is all I have to say about that.

Leaving with a pleasant note…it was great to have a pack on, feel open spaces, and just take one step at a time. I am so looking forward to tomorrow. Thank you all for reading.

Gear Fav: My new SCALA cowboy hat. It kept me very protected, stayed stiff in the wind, and felt light and comfortable.

Owls Clover
Walking along above ground aqueduct pipe with Tehachapi Mountains in back




  1. Love it! I’m psyched!

  2. Georgette Theotig

    You made this segment of the PCT, although flat and seemingly uninteresting, sound like a fun walk! The wildflowers and weather made for good hiking. I LOVE hearing about your adventures. Keep the hiking info coming!!

    • Doesn’t everyone like hiking for like 23 miles just to get to the next water source? We hikers are crazy, but very passionate. Don’t you agree? Thank you for commenting. Let’s plan a hike. I promise it will be less that 23 miles. Really…

  3. So glad you checked in. Thinking about you and praying for your protection. I might need one of those hats!!

  4. Barbara Tieskoetter

    Hey Rockin’! Thanks for the post. Glad to hear of your upcoming plans for this summer and anxiously await the fun reads of your ‘field’ reports on it. Your husband ran past us on the golf course last week and I didn’t realize it was him until after we yielded to his single status and then he proceeded to pick up his golf bag and run ahead. So un-link-ish! Funny. Take care.

    • Barbara,
      Great to hear from you. I am still climbing Teh. Mtn. to get in shape if you want to join. The snow is almost gone (so no gear). My husband uses the golf course to stay in shape. Who does that…runs and plays at the same time? Funny was a nice word. Thank you for commenting!

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