Gotta See It!

Gear testing is FUN!

So to kick off the backpacking season, we are setting out on a quick 45.8 mile overnighter. All on one of the most undesirable sections of the Pacific Crest Trail. To quote California Hiking by Tom Stienstra.

This is a bizarre piece of trail, one that only PCT through-hikers would take the time to hike and even then doing so only to keep intact the honor of having really hiked the entire route.

Amazingly enough this is the section hikers finish up when they reach Tehachapi. It is so undesirable because it is not routed on the crest, but drops to the Mojave Desert with little water access, along aqueducts, roads, and off highway vehicle routes (my personal favorite). Oh and I shouldn’t forget high winds frequent this area. Hopefully, someday it will be rerouted through Tejon Ranch and then reach the Tehachapi Mountain Range.

Why do this, you must be thinking? Well…
1. Because it is there
2. Opportunity to backpack some long miles
3. To experience what hikers travel through before I see them at highway 58
4. Test new purchased gear
5. The weather is still cool and the grass-green (maybe wildflowers)

Three Points to Tehachapi- Willow Springs Road


  1. That’s funny. I did over 100mi along the PCT near Portland to practice. I really enjoyed knowing how the PCT ran closer to home. Have fun!

  2. Yellowstone

    sounds great, Rockin’! Let’s see…. did we see a bear or was that after Tehachapi…. did we stop at the ‘interesting’ Hiker Haven after hiking through fields of incredible poppies? Did we find the trail… the only thru hikers at the time who actually were able to back track and find the official trail before Hiker Haven? Yep, I think so…. Cat with Kittens in the drawer of our little ‘cabin’. Hiking along the viaduct was windy and fortunately cool for us. Then it was hike up up up up and through an area that was posted unfriendly. Enjoy… Good luck!!

    • Hey, all that sounds like an epic trip! All in just 50 miles. It truly is just one of those experiences ya gotta do it to believe it. Oh the wind…Oh the wind… And I live near all that! go figure

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