It’s Here…It’s Here Twice

“This trip wasn’t a race. It was 178 back-to-back marathons,” Andrew Skurka says. “Some miles whizzed by, like when I was rafting the Yukon River. Others seemed to go on forever, such as when I was wallowing in rotten snow and tangled up in alder in the Alaska Range. I learned quickly that I couldn’t force it. If nature had other plans, I had to adjust.”
~ Andrew Skurka – National Geographic “Adventurer of the Year”

I FINALLY have a copy of this very cool March edition of National Geographic that features Andrew Skurka’s 4,679 mile hike, ski, and raft circling through Alaska’s eight national parks and dozens of mountain ranges. He did this all in 176 days.

I had so much fun following Skurka’s long distance travel this last summer on Facebook (when I wasn’t on the trail myself, of course). He talked of rotten snow, hunger, resupply, gear, thankfulness, beauty, route changes, decisions, food, the challenges, people, and of course the danger. It was just the best.

I was first introduced to this famous guide and outdoor adventurer a few years ago on his website. The website is organized, has complete gear lists, and a plethora of ultra-light backpacking information. Also, the site  is home of the famous and my favorite the Fancy Feast Backpacking Alcohol Stove . I credit Skurka for starting my quest to go lighter, faster, and longer.

A couple of years ago, I contacted Andrew when I was backpacking  The Sierra High Route, a challenging, cross-country higher elevation version of the famous John Muir Trail to buy his map pack available on his website. Go figure… he was right in the middle of one of his adventures, but still took the time to email me and have the CD sent! The maps were helpful and his tips accurate.

This gentleman is truly inspirational and amazing. I thought the article was good…but really… how could  a magazine article ever do justice to a feat this immense? You can read the full article Alaska Yukon Trek on the National Geographic website, but you might just want a copy for yourself.

Anyone have similar thoughts?

BTW: My dream trip…going on a Skurka guided trip in the Wind River Range!


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  2. I liked the article ALOT. Found it online a couple weeks before the magazine came out, but still was great seeing the maps, as well as all the pictures.

    I pre-ordered 2 copies of the magazine, autographed by Amdrew. Great messages he wrote in as well, totally unnecessary but very personalized & cool.

    I’ll be taking a few pieces of his equipment with me on the PCT this year. Totally stoked. Seems like a very genuinely nice guy.

    • Hello Dug, Luuuuuucky…you have autographed copies! Andy has great resources on his website. I loved following him on his epic Alaskan trip last year on Facebook. Those of you that have not checked out Dug’s website, do it. He will be starting the PCT next month. He is hiking for Bombay Teen Challenge and Life Without Limbs. His website is listed in my sidebar “2011 PCT Hikers I Follow”.

  3. Something tells me you’ll find a way to do that trail someday. I like the quote you chose. I am a marathoner and I keep telling myself the PCT will be like doing 100 marathons. It doesn’t make it any less daunting, just puts it in terms I can visualize.

    • Erin, after completing the PCT that is equivalent to 100 marathons YOU will definitely be lean and mean.

      BTW: Erin just let me know that Andrew Skurka will be speaking on his Alaska trip and on UL backpacking at the LaJolla (San Diego) YWCA on April 21 and 23. Now that is an opportunity! I’m a thinkin’ I hear the word road trip.

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