Part 1: Change is good…I know right??

I could never resist the call of the trail.
~Buffalo Bill

It has been a long time since I have written anything. Getting back into daily life after long distance hiking was a bit harder than I could have imagined.

I think about the trail everyday… Life was simple on the trail…
It is one of those things in life that grabs hold and won’t let go. I am lucky I know. I have at my request hundreds of trail snapshots that come instantly and fill my mind when things get crazy in daily life or . . . just because.

Since stepping off the Pacific Crest Trail 3 months ago the trail has continued to change, push, and mold me. Change is almost always uncomfortable and is sometimes deliberate and often it is not. In the last few months I have slowed WAY down, daydream, have less daily commitments, converted from a PC devotee to the world of Macintosh (I am now 6 weeks PC free), begun the steep learning curve of the photo editing program Photoshop, have a new keen awareness of small details and my surroundings, watched my feet stay ½ a shoe size bigger, cut my hair, rearranged and updated almost every room in my home, sadly bid farewell to my youngest daughter as she left deservedly for college (yep, empty nest), and now I must gather up the courage to say goodbye to my oldest daughter as her family moves two states away for great job opportunity.

It has been so cool to read the trail journals of the hikers that have now finished the 2,600-mile odyssey at the Washington Canadian border. This trek is usually finished by October 1st to beat winter snowstorms. I was fortunate to walk along side many of these intrepid folks: Tomer, Skyward, Yellowstone, White Beard, Monty, Josh, Dorian, Stick, Transient, Dreams, Graduate, Smiles, and others with crazy names I don’t recall. I have heard from many in the last couple of weeks by email and cards and am ever in awe of their devotion, desire, and drive. It is just the best and I am thankful.

I was just asked yesterday by a good friend, “SO what big trip are you planning now?” I smiled and replied “Starting off where I left off at Buck’s Summit and heading to the California/Oregon border, 500 miles at a time of course!”

I think it is important to not only focus on what nature gifts us with WHILE we are basking in its riches, but also to examine and appreciate what the experience brings to our daily lives. How has nature changed you?


  1. Thank you so much for such a beautiful blog, and expressing your adventurein a way that is honest, elegant, and inspiring! I hope you write about your other upcoming trips as well…

  2. Hi! I’ve been a fan of your photos and trip reports for awhile now, and in fact just added you to my website as a reliable resource for female hikers:

    Thanks for tantalizing us with your trips! I’m looking forward to hiking (virtually) with you for a long time.

    • Wow, you have an amazing website. How cool is that? and boy do we have a lot in common. Thank you for the shout out on your site. I just love the term “reliable resource”. Just think you get to hike and climb in the Sierras and I get to trek along with you in Washington state, virtually of course!

  3. Thank you! Just wait until after the holidays you will have to kick planning into high gear. It is WAY too much fun and part of the big adventure.

  4. You ROCK!!! Thanks for that post. I needed that:) I have been feeling detached from my and Adelaide’s upcoming plans to thru hike this spring. It just seems so far away and unreal. Your words and pics just made my heart leap with excitement!

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