July 14 – Hot, Sweaty, and Tree Branch

No rest is as good as the one that comes after an endeavor. No accomplishment is as satisfying as the one that contained doubt. And no courage is as great as the one that included fear.
~ Helly Hansen

The “A” Tree to the Feather River
32 miles
Yes it is true, how did I do it? Jogged until dark, but the question that really should be lurking in your mind is probably, why would any sane soul want to walk with a full backpack that far in one day?

Today was not a good day! It was hot, humid, waterless, I hit my forehead on a tree branch (bled a lot), and the trail passed through messy deep forest. So what did I do?…hiked as fast as I could for as long as I could to get out of this day. I ended at the Middle Fork of the Feather River, elevation 2,900 (yes low and HOT). I have to thank John and Reb for getting me through this day by giving me PCT rule #14, BE UNSTOPPABLE.

And that is all I have to say about that.

Too busy walking to even think about photography!!!


  1. Barbara Tieskoetter

    Gee, what determination to do such a huge amount of hiking in one day! 32! Amazing what folks can accomplish when they truly set their minds to a goal—especially setting your mind to getting through an unpleasant patch ASAP. Remarkable Rockin’–that’s you. Thanks for sharing this part with us.

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