July 12 – Sierra City Nero

Life is like a dogsled team… If you are not the lead dog, the scenery never changes.
~ Lewis Grizzard

Jackson Meadow Campground to Sierra City
11.5 miles

The snow is gone!!!!! This morning I pounded out 11 1/2 miles by 11:30 am to get to Sierra City early for resupply. The trail followed beautiful moss and fern lined Milton Creek. The trail was clear, friendly, and well-marked.

Then… I just simply walked into Sierra City, asked the first person I saw where was a good place to eat, then headed for the Buckhorn Restaurant. They were not serving lunch for another half hour (which given the extent of my hunger sounded like a century) so the waitress directed me to the deli at the market. I asked the very helpful woman if she could recommend a place to stay for the night and she just happened to have a full apartment to rent above the restaurant. Within minutes I had a place to eat and stay!!!

At the deli I saw Josh and Dorian, the two french speaking PCTers. I spent the afternoon visiting with them. They were VERY knowledgeable and went through the food I was eating on a daily basis looking at quality, calories, and amounts. They made some great suggestions like eat more and bring fresh food. They even went to the local market with me to purchase some additions to the resupply I had picked up at the post office. I had offered them to stay at the apartment I had rented (two story) and they took me up on the offer. You can follow them at Bivouac the World. We ended the day with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Sierra City is a gem in the forest. Visit if you can.

– Buckhorn Restaurant with upstairs apartment I rented for the night
– Downtown Sierra city


  1. Linda Dane

    I am SOOO enjoying your trip journal. What an amazing trip!!!!

    • Thank you Linda for reading! It was definitely an out of the box experience. I am hoping I can incorporate some of this into teaching. What do you think? Hope Zion was all you had hoped for!

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