July 9 – What am I Doing

Lost is a four letter word.
~ Brunton

I love Granite Chief Wilderness area (west of Lake Tahoe). The forest is pristine and the views well…breathtaking. Flowers lined the trail most of the day (when there wasn’t snow), BUT today was very scary also. It is hard work navigating through snow fields trying to find the trail and find a safe route down or up. I was in numerous sticky situations: steep snow, rocks, bushwhacking, and lots of cross-country to find the trail.

Right now I am camped at an awesome spot with snowfields around me and I thankfully know where the trail is.

I wanted to talk a little about my Ingenity socks (pic below). I have 2 types: wool quarter socks and striped coolmax. Both are very thin and boy do they protect the toes from getting blisters. I also have not had heel blisters. I do feel with long term use they will wear out quickly. So be ready to trade the old with the new. My feet are happy dogs in these funny looking socks. 🙂

– My toe socks
– Experts Only, and I have this pack on
– Ridge overlooking Lake Tahoe


  1. I love that picture of your feet. They DO look happy with those socks on. So cheery! And the background is perfect.

    Those dogs have served you well. 😉

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