July 8 – Forest

The influence of fine scenery, the presence of mountains, appeases our irritations and elevates our friendships.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Susie Lake to Bear Lake Creek
20.2 miles

In the last two days there has been a lot of route finding in the snow and I have been visited with thunder and rain for the last three days. Desolation Wilderness the southern half is beauteous but the northern part is messy forest and lots and lots and lots of mud!!!! I have found I don’t do well in deep forest by myself. I feel like the world is closing in all at once. I need to get a better attitude. I prayed a lot today. I am sure tomorrow will be better.

I just read everyone’ comments. Thank you so much! It is so inspiring! I will get back to all when I have a computer. Thank you again.

Gear and food favs:
– all the gear and stuff I have lost in the last 4 weeks
– any food of any type, flavor, texture, or amount!!!

– French PCT hikers, way cute and sporting a skirt from Goodwill
– Dreams, also PCT hiker
– end of storm


  1. Today watched National Geographic’s Wild Places PCT where they highlighted the trail and 2009 thru-hikers, I am now more in awe of you! Keep your spirits up you are truly accomplishing an amazing feat!

    • It has been so great meeting and talking with hikers that are attempting all 2,600 miles in one summer and fall, but I am especially am excited about the people I have gotten acquainted with over the Internet! Thanks for reading!

  2. Keep it up! There will be tracks without mud and sunshine!

    You will look back at this bit with pride that you DID IT!

  3. Love you mom! You are simply awesome! I envy how you have found and made so many friends along the way! Truly inspiring!

  4. Enjoy your comments & photos

  5. Barbara Tieskoetter

    Rockin’ You are doing so well! Your enthusiasm and high spirits are so infectious. In spite of a few ‘lonely’ moments, I know you realize there’s a wonderful companion right next to you each step of the way.

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