July 7 – Generosity

Worrying is like a rocking chair, you are doing something but getting nowhere.
~ Clare Donaldson

2nd creek (4 miles south of highway 50) to Susie Lake in Desolation Wilderness
13.6 miles

I hiked into Echo Lake Resort today WORRYING: would my resupply box be at the post office, what if the post office isn’t open, where can I stay if it isn’t there, I am out of food do they have a snack bar, I need to charge this I Phone how will I do that, and most of all I kept thinking maybe you should just go home Rockin’???????????????? DOUBTS…DOUBTS…DOUBTS!

Well let me tell you that was a big, fat waste of time and energy. My box was there, I bought the best turkey sandwich ever (it looked more like a salad), a Dr. Pepper, 2 oranges, 2 plums, and a peach. Then I saw a gentleman outside the resort sporting a cool, new i Phone. We got to talking and guess what, he generously offered to charge my phone at the cabin he was vacationing at! I rode in a small motor boat across Echo Lake with Marty and Joy to the cabin. I enjoyed a delightful afternoon at an adorable rustic cabin, had a HOT shower, drank tea with cookies and fresh fruit, and shared my journey with these great people. All the while my phone was charging. I also had fun trading iPhone tips and apps with Marty. Thank you Marty and Joy. It was great fun and now I am off carrying 7 days of food through very scenic and popular Desolation Wilderness clean and with a smile on my face.

– Marty and Joy in the boat ride to their cabin
– Marty and Joy at the cabin
– Storm arriving


  1. Hey wonder woman, so glad to hear that God is watching over you. I know it, you are experiencing it. I think there is a big part of Dan that wishes he were there with you. He says it is pretty quiet at home. Your daughter is pretty fantastic. Loved being with her.

  2. John and Reb

    Rockin, your doubts considering going home would be unthinkable for you! Just watched Nat Geo PCT on tv and they said PCT Rule 14 is Be Unstoppable, and Rockin, that is you! Best wishes!

    • I read your comment over and over again and it really helped, especially at Donner Pass area. I want to know rules #1-#13!!!! Thank you for being there for me.

  3. Friends tell me, “Don’t you WORRY she isn’t carrying a gun?” I tell them, “My WORRY would be IF she was carrying a gun!” I would hate to see you “hike by” shooting up trees gangster style. No worries, no rocking chairs. Go Rockin’

  4. God Bless Marty and Joy. What a great story. I tend to be a fretter myself, Rockin, so I know how you feel. Although your concerns were very genuine. Isn’t is amazing how things always work out just the way they are meant to. I like Clare Donaldson’ quote. I’m going to use it and take it to heart. (Work in progress for me). I’ve realized looking back through your trip reports that I have posted comments that didn’t show up. I believe I have forgotten to press “submit” a few times. Sometimes I’m so blonde. 😉 I’ve done that on Facebook before, too. Sheesh! I must be more mindful of that.

    You are truly an inspiration for me. Thank you for that.
    I’m curious about the storm that’s brewing in that last photo. What’s up with that?

    Bountiful blessings to you, Rockin!

    • Yep I had some weather in the afternoon that I loved because the clouds provided shade and no big downpours or close lightening strikes. You would love Clare. She is very wise. Worrying takes up SO much unnecessary energy. Don’t you think?

  5. Barbara Tieskoetter

    Hooray for Marty and Joy. What a wonderful place they have. What happened to the solar charger?

    • Hello! Solar charger works to charge about 20 percent. I was using the GPS on the phone quite a bit because of the snow, so the solar charger simply could not keep up. A fully charged iPhone on this hike was a relief. I needed the phone!!!! Thanks for the observation.

  6. Wow, what could be better!!! Reminds me of my one and only backpacking trip where a friend and I got lost, ran out of water and were about at witts end when out of nowhere a van drove up (the only people we saw the whole 4 days – they were out caving) and we started chatting – they offered us cold sodas (I don’t even like soda, but it tasted devine), filled our water bottles and pointed us in the right direction. I swear they were angels in disguise.

    Glad your angels took such wonderful care of you!

    Will Dan be joining you soon? You mentioned 7 days of food, so I’m doubtful.


    • Okay after hearing your backpacking nightmare, I think you need to go on another trip SOON. That just is not the norm. When do you want to plan this more pleasant experience in backpacking?

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