July 5 – Just Beauteous!

My meals were easily made , for they were all alike and simple, only a cupful of tea and bread.
~ John Muir

Noble Creek to Blue Lakes Road
20.2 miles

Early this morning just after crossing Highway 8, right under a pine tree was an ice chest. Well my first thoughts were who would leave an ice chest out for bears to get? Suddenly the writing on the outside came into focus “For PCT Hikers”. I instantly through open the lid and behold Trail Magic left by Mountain Mary. The fine vessel held FRESH oranges and apples, donut holes, rolls (wheat and white), apple butter, cookies, tortillas, and Hershey Kisses!!!! WELL.. my excitement was great to put it lightly. I quickly wolfed down an orange, 5 donut holes, and 2 rolls with apple butter! It was a great moment in history.

I love this section of the PCT from Sonora Pass north. I would highly recommend it and would rate it a BIG 10. It is remote and has a surprise around each bend in the trail. It is a cross between Mammoth Lakes, Glacier National Park, Shasta, and the Sierras.

Tonight I am camped with Smiles, a cool lady from Switzerland, Transcient, and Stick and am currently sitting on a huge rock enjoying an incredible view. Life is good.

Food Favs: Literally anything from Mountain Mary

– morning light on pond
– Trail Magic
– snow chute I just finished crossing (look at the trail crossing at the top of the chute)
– snow plant


  1. Delightful. Your smile says it all! Keep fit and safe , totally enjoying your adventure… (and BLOODY jealous!)

  2. Like, like, like. Sounds like a great day, nice mileage, but after all you are “Rockin”.

    And I’ve just learned what those unusual red/orange plants are called …have wondered for quite a while. One of life’s teeny-weeny questions answered. HA!

  3. dressedindirt

    Trail magic is such a blessing! I’m glad that you got to experience some of it.

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