July 4 – Outstanding

A great adventure might spoil you for life.
~ Glacier Park Inc.

2nd creek-let to Noble Creek
21 miles

Happy 4th of July!!! The first pic below is of a peak with an American flag flying.

Snow banks and route finding was the menu for this day. I am actually sort of getting the hang of it…SORT OF.

So I wanted to talk a little about my shoes, The North Face Hedgehogs. I not only like the fit and that they are grippy on rocks, but now they have passed the test of snow and mud (lots of snow and mud). These babies kept me upright through slush and slippery mud.

– Big foot prints I followed for miles
– Hedgehogs in snow and mud
– Wolf Creek
– View from saddle
– cool tree

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  1. Thinking about you lots and glad things are going well. Dan has kept us updated too. Having a all with Bryn. Thanks for letting her go with us.

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