June 30 – Bed of Roses

Backpacking isn’t always a bed of roses!
~ Rockin’

Deep Creek Hot Springs to Lake Silverwood
Yep another 22.7 mile day

The morning strategy was clear…get a quiet early start to beat the heat and depart from the natural people at Deep Creek Hot Springs. This PCT section because it is so close to civilization, has been an eye opener for me. It seems that many people are not aware of how little things can ruin our environment. After experiencing first hand numerous violations here are some very basic rules.

1. Don’t leave trash outside, whether or not it is yours, especially large comforters, car parts, or clothes (yep we can testify these items were left on the trail).
2. Don’t leave toilet paper in the woods. Burying is not a valid option. If you are to forsake moss and leaves and use toilet paper, pack it out. And please visit the potty at least 200 feet from water sources.
3. Don’t spit your toothpaste (especially into water sources). Instead, pour some water into your mouth, then spray it all out in an aerated fashion.
4. And of course please do not write your name or loved ones, or special messages on trail signs, tables, pit potties, or anything natural (trees or rocks).

At the end of this 3 1/2 day marathon Dan and I enjoyed a huge jug of bottled water, 2 bags of Lays Chips, a Coke, a coconut ice cream bar, and 2 Southwest Chicken Salads at the Cajon Pass McDonalds at the 215.

Tomorrow I will be packing for my next section and sending resupply boxes. Currently, the plan is to enter the PCT at Sonora Pass above Yosemite and exit at Quincy, south of Belden. I am so ready for cooler weather, some snow, cold clear water, and the Sierras.

Gear and Food Fav:
Mountain Hardware Long-Sleeved Sun Shirt – To me a long-sleeved sun shirt IS essential. I love the material, fit, and simplicity of these shirts. I own this shirt in white, poppy, and light blue.
-Tuna Salad packets – These are new for me. They are great because the mayo, celery, and relish are already mixed in, so no mess. I love the flavor too. I usually plan a tuna pack every other day for lunch, because they are a bit heavy.

Note: I have updated past entries with explanations of why these are my favs and how I use them.

Cool Tepee along the Mojave River

What is the name of this flower (found everywhere in Big Bear area)?

Silverwood Lake

Hiking through Tall Grasses


  1. I feel like I need to mentally catch up to you… How many more miles do you have to hike?
    That tee pee is really great. I can totally see my Stephen crawling in there!

    • My goal was between 500 to 600 miles this summer and starting off next summer where I left off for another 500 or so miles. It will then take me about 4 to 5 summers to complete the whole 2,600 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail.

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