June 29 – Gnats, Heat, and Deep Creek

To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.
~ Jane Austin

Little Bear Springs Camp to Deep Creek Hot Springs
22.2 miles

It is very hard to believe that just a few days ago I was equipped with snow climbing gear. Today I traveled through miles of burn area in 93 degree heat complete with flying gnats that were relentless and would not leave our eyes alone, even through whatever speed of hiking that was dealt them! Then we came to a beautiful oasis… Deep Creek. Man, I literally threw my body clothes and all into the cool water. What a treat! After entering the gorge of Deep Creek the PCT follows the gorge for miles and miles from a bird’s eye view, NOT GOOD! HOT VERY HOT and NO WATER! We even passed a BIG melted sign (honest look at the picture) and followed cougar tracks for miles (Dan and I stuck together)!

Tonight we are camped at Deep Creek Hot Springs, elevation 3,500 feet. This place has natural people just walking around, but the area itself has been desecrated by careless campers. Who planned this section anyway?!?!?

Tomorrow we have an additional 22 miles to go in this LOW elevation to exit at Silverwood Lake where our car is waiting.

Confession time … I stole a giant Snickers from Dan’s food stash. He said I COULD have the bag of dates, but I snagged the BIG Snickers bar instead! I am grateful for shade, a cool breeze, and that Snickers Bar I stole and has been snarfed. Goodnight. Thank you for reading and commenting!

Gear and Food Favs:
-Patagonia Sun Gloves – These lightweight, beige, stretchy, SPF 50, fingerless gloves keep your hands protected from the sun and also protect your hands from forming blisters while using poles.
-Snickers  Giant Bar of course!

The Shade Tree

Burn Area for Miles

Deep Creek Footbridge

Melted Plastic Sign!

Deep Creek Hot Springs


  1. Christie,

    That was one of the many plastic signs that the Federal Government used to try and save money. It melted during a fire that went through that area several years previous and they haven’t replaced it yet. Probably related to no offroad travel by motorbikes.

  2. gorgeous photos!

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