June 28 – Topo Maps

After awhile you don’t feel your legs anymore.
~ Anonymous PCT Hiker at the Kennedy Meadows Grill

3 miles before highway 18 to Little Bear Trail Camp
22.6 miles

Tonight we came into camp dead dog tired, dirty, and hungry. The day was longer than usual, largely because of the heat. The camp we are staying at is beautiful and is sporting a lux, cool, outdoor solar pit potty! This is the second of these special babies we have encountered. I am currently being lulled to sleep by a gentle flowing stream.

I wanted to talk a little about my sweet i Phone App, Topo Maps. When getting ready for the PCT I first uploaded at home with wifi all the maps I would need. Then I went to Halfmile’s excellent and essential website and downloaded way points and inserted them on the maps. So this is how it works, while I am hiking and I happen to get off trail (which can and does even on the well-marked PCT) I can turn my phone on, go to my favorite app and push beacon and voila it locates me on the map via satellite. I then look at the way points and they let me know what direction to head! I LOVE THIS! We have needed to use this tool twice in the last 2 days. Imagine that!

Super Solar Potty
Big Bear Lake
Forest with Indian Paintbrush


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  3. Wow! The boys would think that pit potty is cool!

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